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The Cardigan Heritage Association would like to announce their 2014 project!

Celebrating Shipbuilding in Cardigan

July 12, 2014

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Prepare to be amazed, entertained and educated as Cardigan unveils a sculpture to honor those involved in Shipbuilding in the area..  July 12, 2014 from 10 to 4 will be a fun family day with heritage displays, demonstrations, stories, music, dancing and food. A photo shoot of descendants of those shipbuilders will end the day.

Fun day of activities to honor those involved in shipbuilding in the Cardigan area from 1820-1920

Unveiling a sculpture

Demonstrations using shipbuilding tools


Rug hooking





Photo shoot with descendants

Also - We need your help!

Part of the day's activities on July 12, 2014 is a photo shoot of descendants of the people involved in the Shipbuilding in this area.. All descendants are invited and you can check the lists that follow of names of men who worked on  vessels that were built here. If you know relatives of any of those people please let them know of this event or contact Nora at 902-583-2316 or and we will try and locate them.


The List:

Workers on the Caspian built in 1890
Angus McDonald, (Garahelia) Foreman

John Campbell
Ronald Campbell
Peter Campbell
Dan Campbell
Alex Campbell
Allen Carpenter
Pius Flanagan
Hugh Fraser
Nazaire Gallant
Angus Livingstone
Angus McCormack
John McCormack
John McCormack
John McCormack, caulker
Angus McDonald
James McDonald
John Roderick McDonald
Peter McDonald
Alex McGilvray
Neil McGilvray
Hugh McGilvray Junior
Old Hughie McGilvray
Mark McGillivray
Norman McLean
Norman McLeod
John McMillan
Sandy Murchisan
Jeroam Peters
George Shepherd
John Plyer
Joe Robertson
Donald Walker
Henry Huntly Walsh

Workers on the James E built in Cardigan 1895
Duncan MacLaren, Cardigan, Foreman

John Campbell
Peter Campbell
Ronald Campbell
A Y Campbell
Edward Cantelo
Hector Cantelo
John Dunphy
Hugh Fraser
Capt Wm Graham
Scoby Johnstone
Angus Livingstone
Joseph Livingston
John McAulay
Leo McCormack


Donald McCormack
James McDonald
Alex H. McGillivray
Neil McGillivray
Norman McLeod
Stephen McNeill
John McMillan
Stephen McNeill
John O'Brien, blacksmith
Fred O'Brien, ass't blacksmith
Jeroam Peters
John Ployer
Thos Rice
Joseph Robertson
R.A. Stanley

Workers on the Stella built in Cardigan, 1897
Duncan McLaren Foreman

James Bruce
David Christian
A Y Campbell
Dan Campbell
John Campbell
Peter Campbell
Philip Campbell
Ronald Campbell
Edward Cantello
Pius Flanagan
Jonas Gallant
McLean Graham

Alex Livingstone
Angus Livingstone
Charles McAulay
Callum McCarty
Angus McCormack
A.H. McGillvray
Mark McGillivray
Neil McGilvray
Norman R. McLean
Murdock McLeod
Norman McLeod
Joseph McNeill


Workers on the Anna MacDonald built in Cardigan 1920 for
John A. Macdonald
Duncan MacLaren Foreman

Austin Bell
Jim Campbell
John Campbell
Dan Campbell
Walter James
Scoby Johnston
Michael Flynn
Andrew Foley
A.W. Gosbee
Allan Grant
Chas. Grant
Joe Grant
W. Haberlin
Chas. Hancock

Tip Lewis
Peter McCormack

Hugh McDonald
Jas. D. McDonald
Simon McDonald
Malcolm McDonald
Angus McGilvray
Chas. McGilvray
John McGilvray
Mark McGilvray
J.A. McKenzie
J.D. McMaster
Bernard McLean
Ed McPhee
Bert Shepard


Workers on “Victory Chimes” built in Cardigan in 1918 for John A. Macdonald, Charles Lyons, George Thompson

Foremen: Kimble Coffin, Charles M. Fitzgerald

Blacksmiths: Angus Livingstone, Peter Ross

Blacksmith Helpers: John Jeffrey, Joseph Victor

Painters: Frank Gotell, Henry Sampson

Spar maker: John Dunphy

Riggers: Henry Burke, James Burke, Daniel J. Macdonald, John C. Macdonald, Leeming Peardon

Woods workers: Daniel McCormack, Peter McCormack, Joseph S. McDonald, Clement McIntyre, Daniel McIntyre, Patrick McIntyre, John McLellan, Peter McLellan, John Quinn

Labourers: Peter Casey, Freeman Campbell, Joseph N. Campbell, George Clarke, Joseph Doucette, Michael J. Flynn, Raymond Grant, Grover Huntley, Wesley Keefe, Francis McAskill, Anthony McLellan, Stephen McNeill, Seymour O'Brien, DanielShepherd, Daniel Smith, Patrick Walsh

Mill Workers: Arthur Barrett, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Charles Hancock, Thomas J. Lewis, James D. McDonald, William D. McEachern, Wallace McIntyre, James McKenzie, John McKenna, Frank McNeill, John Shepherd, Joseph Shepherd, Peter Walsh

Caulkers: Alex. Campbell, William Haberlin, John A. McKenzie, Malcolm McLeod,

Carpenters: Isaac Adams, Malcolm Burke, Daniel Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, William Edmonds, Alan Grant, Charles Grant, Henry Huntley, Walter C. James, Scobey N. Johnston, Thomas S. Kelly, Abraham Jackman, Peter McAskill, John McCarthy, Gabriel McDonald, Hugh McDonald, Malcolm McDonald, Michael McDonald, Simon McDonald, Angus McGilvray, Charles McGilivray, Mark McGilivray, Bernard McLean, John D. McMaster, John Ronaghan, Joseph H. Yoston